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Sugar Glider Bonding Spritz, Eucalyptus scent, 2oz, made in the USA.

UPC 652069960711


This bonding spray is an ideal for Sugar Gliders.

Did you know that their natural habitat is eucalyptus forests? They love the eucalyptus scent. Gently spray the palms of your hands, around the cage. Enjoy your bonding with your cutie. Helps to calm your pet and refresh the air.

Only one 100% natural ingredient, EUCALYPTUS HYDROSOL made by the extraction method of steam distillation from the fresh eucalyptus leaves.

Hydrosols (floral waters) are more diluted than essential oils and thus a good alternative for people who are sensitive to aromatherapy. This is called “gentle aromatherapy".

Sugar Glider Bonding Spritz, Eucalyptus Scent, 2oz.

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