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Zebra Aloe Saponari, Succulent, Non-Biter Aloe. 1 (one) mature plant in the package, Size 10-12" Height. Shipped Bare- Rooted. You will receive a plant very similar to the one on the picture.

Aloe Saponaria; commonly known as the soap aloe or zebra aloe, is a Southern African species of aloe. The leaves range in color from red to green, the flowers are bright red. It is a popular landscape plant in warm desert regions like Nevada, Arizona, and California. 


Plant in wide containers with a well-draining potting mix, such as for cacti/succulents. Place in indirect sunlight or artificial light. Wait a week to water and keep the soil on the dry side. If planted outdoors, plant in well-drained soil. Water aloe deeply but then allow the soil to dry at least 1 to 2 inches deep between waterings, in order to discourage rot; water even less in winter. We grow Aloe Vera outdoors and indoors. 


Great for homemade skin lotions, personal lubricants, fresh juice, and /or smoothie. All products that we offer are ORGANICALLY or NATURALLY grown; Non-GMO and Non-IRRADIATED. We grow our plants without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our garden is a sustainable, natural, and permaculture system.


These are live plants; returns, refunds, or exchanges are not accepted.

Contact us directly for any questions.

Zebra Aloe Saponari, Succulent, Non-Biter Aloe. 1 (one) mature plant in package.

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