Elite City Chickens Nesting Box Herbal Mix.  UPC: 707943997816.

Net weight: 14 oz (two 8"x12 bags of 7oz herbs/each). Grown in USA. Our ancestors used herbal blends around chickens for several centuries. When chickens are free-range they have free access to all herbs, seeds and flowers that grow in nature. They gather around the gardens and pick the one they need at the moment. In city/backyard conditions we need to help the birds by mimicking the nature. Sprinkle a handful blend of herbs in each nesting box /coop once a week. Birds will choose necessary herb out of the mix themselves when needed. Do not expect chickens to eat it as a meal. Non-irradiated. Naturally grown in USA.

Non-GMO. Hand picked and dried. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used. Sustainable agriculture. Mix may include seasonal dried varieties of herbs and seeds: Calendula, Purple hibiscuses, Raw Sunflower seeds, Lemongrass, Pomegranate seeds/peels, Sting Nettle, Bilberry leaves, Plantain leaves, Kudzu leaves, Flax seeds, Olive leaves and berries. Availability is seasonal. Please contact us for restock date.

Chickens/Birds Coop Herbal Mix.

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