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How to live healthy rather than​​ look for remedies.

The more I browse through Facebook pages and other Social media, the more I realize that humans will look at how to cure the health problem by using conventional or natural remedies rather than change the lifestyle and do not get sick. LOTS of posts with PLS and HELP with certain health conditions and LOTS of recommendations on how to... Very few will talk about START with what you eat and use in your daily routine. Here is a brief what I will do:

1) Start to eat ORGANIC, NON-GMO, and wholesome food. 

2) Cook from scratch. Want beans? Use organic, non-GMO dried beans. No canned food. No farm-raised seafood. Only free-range meats, dairy, and eggs.

3) Fruits, veggies, and greens - ORGANIC and non-GMO only.

4) Tomato and other sauces made from scratch.

5) Eliminate harsh chemical cleaning products, cosmetics, and personal cleaning products. USE DIY naturals.

6) Drink good source alkaline (not-acidic) water.

7) Eating out? Look for organic food restaurants.

These 7 steps will take you to a life-changing healthy style. I know it sounds hard, but there is no other way to be healthy in the modern world. Step by step and your body will Thank You!



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