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Am I Cleaning My Home With Formaldehyde?

The short answer is… probably.

WHAT IS FORMALDEHYDE? Formaldehyde has been used for decades to embalm dead bodies for open casket burials. It is a preservation fluid, it is a recognized cancer causing agent (carcinogen) by the National Cancer Institute. Are you reading every single label? If not, chances are that you are probably using some fairly toxic chemicals in your house cleaning regime. The best rule of thumb is to look for products that say things like “Non-toxic to humans and aquatic life,” or “readily biodegradable.”

I’ve read my product labels, and they don’t say I’m using formaldehyde containing products. While it’s great you’re reading product labels, you must be aware that those tricky manufacturers often use synonyms that don’t usually create attention in their consumers. Synonyms and chemicals that “act like” formaldehyde are often used on ingredient lists. Be wary of products containing the following ingredients: • Formalin • Methanal • Oxymethyline • Urea • 1,3-Dioxetane • Quaternium 15 • Methylaldehyde • Methylene Oxide • Formic Aldehyde • Oxomethane Formalin • Phenol Formaldehyde REF:…/formaldehyde/

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