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100% Non-Toxic Living! Where do I begin...

My name is Marina Rahati. I am 54 years old.

I live in the USA in a modern world of 21st century. Technology is advanced and developed to a very high level. There is almost nothing these days that could not be manufactured for humans use. I go to the grocery store and buy everything I need in my daily life: food, clothes, cosmetics, household items and cleaning supplies. The varieties are huge, the labels are colorful, and the advertisements are powerful. As a degreed chemical engineer I have enough knowledge to determine the safety of chemicals. There are different chemicals in food, in cosmetics, in cleaning supplies, etc. So a few years ago I became a detective of my life. I started to investigate the ingredients of every single item in my household and the more I dig, the more warning information I have found. It is not a secret that not all chemicals are our friends. Can they be? How can I minimize the impact of toxic chemicals on my body? That is where I began...

In my posts I will share with you how I am step by step building my path to 100% Non-Toxic Living in a modern world.”




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